Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homer's Dream

This one was one of the harder ones to make. I first found a picture of Homer Simpson drooling and put it in Photoshop. I then did the same with a picture of a doughnut. With the doughnut picture, I used the magnetic lasso tool to cut the doughnut out and made it a stamp by going to edit; define brush preset. Using the stamp tool, I stamped 4 doughnuts going into his mouth. After that, I used the magic wand tool this time to cut Homer out and I then created a new, purple, backround layer and sliped that layer underneath the picture. That is what I did to create this photo.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Day at the Beach

This picture wasn't too hard to make and was similar to the last one. I first found a picture of a beach and put on Photoshop with a picture of myself. I then deleted the background of my picture and slid this new one. After that, I changed the layers to make me the second layer and the beach is the first layer. This is how I made this picture.

Can Dwight Dunk Over Me?

Creating this image was a bit more tricky than the last one. For this image, I first put this picture of Dwight Howard in photoshop. I then took a picture of myself sitting in a chair looking up. I also had to cut myself out of that picture using the magnetic lasso tool and I moved myself into this picture. I then placed myself under Dwight and resized my self using free transform to make myself smaller. That was what I did for this picture.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nick's Head on Jose's Body

It was not too hard to create this picture in Photoshop. All I did was take a picture of myself in Photo Booth, which I uploaded to Photoshop. I then found a good picture of Jose Calderon and uploaded that to Photoshop. When I had both pictures, I used the magnetic lasso tool to take my head off of my body and I then put it above Jose’s neck. I used the free transform tool as well to resize my head to make it fit on Jose’s body. That was all I did to make this picture.