Monday, February 1, 2010

A Complete Dream Picture

This was the hardest picture to make because it had a bit of everything in it. First, I put my head on Hedo Turkoglu's body and you can find out how I did that by checking my head on Jose's body. The only thing different this time was that I cut out Hedo's head because it was a lot bigger than mine and I didn't want it sticking out and I also used the blur tool to blend the the colours between the upper neck and the lower neck together. After this, I put a beach background behind me, but instead of putting me in the background; I put the background behind me. This is just moving the background instead of moving the picture. I also used different features in the filter tab to make the background glow and look slightly distorted. Finally, I used the stamp/brush tool to add that big basketball shadow on the background layer. This picture is a reflection on everything I have learned in Photoshop.

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