Thursday, May 5, 2011

Water Ford Fiesta Poster

I felt that all three of my Ford Fiesta posters were pretty similar, but all had different landscapes and backgrounds. I liked all three of them, but the Water Ford Fiesta Poster was my favourite. I feel this way because the colour blue is used a lot in this poster, but it is used in many different ways. This poster also has a unique colour scheme. It is dark at the top, lighter in the middle, and dark again at the bottom. I also really like the curved horizon that divides the bottom dark from the lighter middle and how the top is light on the outside, but darker in the middle. I really like how in this poster the car is in a great spot to be noticed, but it is not so big that it takes away from the beautiful landscape like the Sunny Ford Fiesta Poster does a little bit. That is also one of the reasons why I rejected that poster as well as because it does not use enough of one colour like it should. Yellow is the main colour, but it is not as dominant as it should be. I sadly had to reject the Forest Ford Fiesta Poster. I did not want to and I consider it a close second best. The car did not stand out quite enough in that poster and that is why I had to put it slightly behind. Other than that one reason for putting the Water Ford Fiesta Poster ahead, I really like the colour scheme in this poster and I also like the shine that comes out of the forest onto the car. Lastly, the photoshop effects used on the background of the water and forest posters really make the posters look more unique, but they also still look realistic.

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